英語のニュースでお勉強。 知らない単語や表現を、こっそり調べてエラそうに説明してみるブログです。 元の記事から数日遅れることもありますので、ニュースとしては役に立たないこともある。IT系・技術系が主たる対象であります。スパム多過ぎでコメントは承認制にしましたーごめんあそばせー。

我々は「Internet Of Things(IoT)」を正しくする必要がある

We Need To Get The Internet Of Things Right


It seems everything is connected to the Internet: socks, shoes, shirts, hats, glasses, appliances, beds, homes, drones, cars and even diapers. Yet, for the Internet of Things (IoT) to play a role in shaping our future, we need to get a few things right. The statement “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” has never been more applicable. At the events and conferences I’ve attended this year, it’s clear that while everything is getting connected, few things are actually connected.

なんでもインターネットにつなげられるように見える。靴下、靴、シャツ、帽子、眼鏡、家電、ベッド、家、ドローン、車、おむつでさえも。まだ、「Internet of Things (IoT)」が、私たちの未来を形作る役割を演じるために、私たちは、いくつかのことを正しく得る必要がある。「歴史から学ぶことに失敗した人は、それを繰り返す運命にある。」という言葉が適用されたことはない。今年私が出席したイベントや会議で、全てのものがつながりつつあって、いくつかが実際に接続されているのは明らかだ。

Some of you may recall the term “network of networks.” We are in real danger of making the same mistake again — only this time on a massive scale. With IoT, we are not taking full advantage of the Metcalfe effect where value increases exponentially as more things are connected. Instead, we are creating islands of technology.


In the early days of the Internet, the network of networks was an issue at the protocol level. Networks couldn’t communicate with each other, limiting and almost negating the benefits of the Internet. Fortunately, this problem was overcome with multi-protocol routers from Cisco and others. With IoT, the problem is at the end-user level. Today, almost all connected devices have their own apps. To get anything done, people have to jump from app to app to control disparate devices, creating a disconnected, rather than a seamless and even enjoyable experience.


  • negating - 否定
  • Fortunately - 幸いにも
  • overcome 克服する

And because each solution must have its own ecosystem, there are no synergies that can be leveraged to bring down costs. When you combine fractured experiences with higher costs, it’s not long before people give up and go back to the old way of doing things or try yet another solution only to become even more frustrated.

そして、それぞれのソリューションは独自のエコシステムを持たなくてはならないため、コストダウンの為のレバレッジとなり得るシナジー効果が無い。骨折の経験を高いコストに組み合わせた時、それは、人々があきらめて、昔のやり方へ戻るのに、時間は長くかからない。 また別のソリューションを試すということは、さらに多くのフラストレーションとなるだけだ。

  • fractured ‐ 骨折

In addition to silos of products, there is too much focus on the technology itself. IoT ads, event signage, and company websites are full of terms and acronyms like ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, and even Wi-Fi just to name a few. An alphabet soup of protocols has rapidly emerged, with each standard hoping to fill a void or improve on another.

製品のサイロに加えて、テクノロジーそれ自身に多数の焦点がある。 IoTの広告、イベントの署名、そして会社のウェブサイトは全ての用語と略語がたくさんある。ZigBee、Z-Wave、BLE、Wi-Fiもそう。少し例をあげるだけで、これだけある。プロトコルのアルファベットスープは、急速に登場した。空白を埋めたり、または他を改善したりしながら、それぞれの規格として。

When technology is new, this is understandable. Even so, we need to quickly move past the focus on technical jargon. If IoT stays on its current course, more and more people will become skeptical about the value it can provide. That would be a shame, because the potential of IoT is nearly limitless.


  • jargon - 専門用語
  • skeptical - 懐疑的

In other articles, I described how IoT has the potential to dramatically shape the way we consume energy, manage our precious resources such as food and water, provide access to healthcare, and so much more. This is one we need to get right. Having grandiose visions for IoT is one thing, but IoT really does have the power to transform even mundane things into something remarkable.


  • grandiose - 壮大な
  • mundane - 平凡な

While roaming the show floor at a recent industry event, I paused by a booth touting a connected toothbrush. On the surface this seems rather gimmicky. The story went something like this: Kids could compete by brushing their teeth longer than their siblings. The device measured how long each child brushed and uploaded the information to a mobile app. The kids who brushed their teeth longer earned points. The kid with the most points was declared the winner. While this offered some benefits, I didn’t see how it would motivate parents to replace their kids’ toothbrushes with a more expensive option.

最近の産業イベントで会場をうろついていて、接続された歯ブラシの宣伝ブースで立ち止まった。 表面はなかなかギミックにあふれている。この話は次のように進む:子供たちが彼らの兄弟よりも長く彼らの歯を磨くことで競争できる。そのデバイスはそれぞれの子供がどれくらい長い時間、歯を磨いているかを計り、モバイルアプリへ情報をアップロードしていた。 長く歯磨きをしているその子供たちが、ポイントを得る。私には、これが親たちに彼らの子供たちの歯ブラシをさらに効果なオプションに取り換える同期をつけるようには見えなかった。

  • touting - 宣伝

To achieve these types of benefits, we must learn from our past mistakes and break down the silos that exist today. I have always been a believer that technology is a means to an end. In other words, it must serve a useful and beneficial purpose for people. We must get to the point where technology works for people, rather than people working for technology.


  • achieve - 実現する
  • means - 手段
  • a means to an end - 目的を達成するための手段

IoT is here, but our work is just beginning.


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