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A Gift Guide For The Cyclists You Care About


Does someone you care about bike to work even as winter sets in, with all of the associated cold and damp? Upgrade their commute with some great digital technology and plain cool hardware. Show the bike enthusiast or commuter in your life that you really do care – both that they get places in style but also that they do it safely. From turn signals to light-up jackets, make sure that your gift recipients are the coolest and safest bikers on the road. We hope that you’ll bike safe and follow traffic rules. Please remember that as great as smart devices are, they are not a replacement for good common sense and situational awareness.

あなたの周りには、冬になって、どれほど寒くて雨が降っていても、仕事に自転車で行くような人はいますか? 彼らの通勤を、いくつかの素晴らしいデジタルテクノロジーとクールなハードウェアでアップグレードしてあげましょう。

あなたの生活の中の自転車オタクやツーキニストに、あなたが本当に気にかけているということを見せてあげましょう。スタイルだけでなく安全性の両面で。 交差点でのハンドサインから、ライトアップジャケットまで、あなたの贈り物を受け取る人たちを、道路の上で最高にクールで安全なサイクリストにしてあげてください。 私たちは、あなたが自転車に安全に乗り、交通ルールを遵守してほしいと希望します。 スマートデバイスとしての素晴らしさは、良識と状況確認を阻害したりしないということを、どうぞ覚えておいてください。

Musguard collapsible fenders


Do you feel nostalgic about those rulers from grade school that would collapse into a roll and are also passionate about minimalism on your bicycle? Musguard‘s collapsible fenders roll up neatly against a bike frame when not in use, but can quickly be extended to protect you and your pants from splashes, mud, and rain. Available directly from Musguard at $18.00 for rear fenders and $14.00 for front fenders. They come in a veritable rainbow of hues, meaning that you’re sure to find one that matches your bike’s color scheme if that’s something you care about.

これらの小学校の時からロール上に折りたためるルーラーについて郷愁を覚えますか? 自転車のミニマリズムについての情熱をも掻き立てもしました。 Musguardの折りたたみ式のフェンダーは、使用しないときは、自転車のフレームにちょうど良く巻き上げられます。 しかし、素早く伸ばせるので、あなたのパンツを水しぶきや泥、そして雨から守ってくれます リアのフェンダーは18ドル、フロントフェンダーは14ドルで、Musguardで直接購入可能です。 虹の色がそろっていますので心配しなくても、あなたの自転車の色にマッチするものを見つけられます。

Lumo Herne Hill Harrington Jacket


Lumo‘s city cycling apparel comes with LED lights built into the fabric that illuminate in the dark, yet are hidden away in the seams during the day. There’s nothing quite like being visible to motorists and not having to wear blindingly fluorescent gear all the time. Lumo makes illuminating jackets for men and women, and they range from $300-$600 on the company’s online store.

Lumoの都市部でのサイクリングアパレルには、LEDライトが埋め込まれ、日中はその縫い目に隠れていますが暗闇で光ります。 既にある、ドライバーに見えるようにするものとはまったく違い、いつでも盲目的に蛍光色のモノを身につける必要はありません。 Lumoは男性用と女性用のイルミネーションジャケットを製作しています。そして、それらは、300ドルから600ドルで、同社のオンラインストアで利用可能です。

Replaceable Fix-It Sticks


A bike breakdown sucks, but it’s even worse when it happens in the middle of a ride far from places to get repairs. The Replaceable-bit version of the ever-popular Fix-It Sticks could be the unsung hero of your winter commute. A set of slim metal sticks, they snap together to form a T-wrench that’s compatible with a veritable gamut of bits. Available on the company’s website for $29.99.

自転車が壊れても、修理可能な場所から離れた場所の走行途中だと最悪です。 ビットを変えられるバージョンの以前から人気の Fix-It Sticks は、冬の通勤の静かなヒーローになり得ます。 スリムな金属のスティックのセット、これらは互いに繋いで、本物のビットと互換性のあるTレンチを形成します。 同社のウェブサイトで29.99ドルで利用可能です。

Marsboy Bone Conduction Wireless Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


Biking with headphones isn’t the best idea in busy city environments where you need situational awareness, but music is a great companion on deserted roads or trails. Bone-conduction headphones like these Bluetooth-enabled Marsboys will let you listen to tunes without affecting your situational awareness too much. Available at Amazon for $64.99.

ヘッドフォンをして、自転車に乗るのは、忙しい都市部の環境での状況確認のためには最高の考えではありません。 しかし、荒れ果てた道路やトレイルにおいて、音楽は素晴らしい仲間です。このBluetoothに対応した Marsboys のような骨伝導ヘッドフォンは、状況確認にあまり大きな影響なく好きなチューンを聴けるのです。 Amazonで$64.99ドルで購入可能です。

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves


Signaling by hand went out of style in your car decades ago – but in the cycling world, it’ll save your life. Zackees‘ gloves let you signal turns more visibly, something that’s incredibly important on roads where bikers really do share lanes with cars. Just click your thumb and index finger together and the glove starts blinking away.

自動車で手信号を出すのは数十年前になくなってしまいました。しかし、自転車の世界では、それがあなたの命を守ります。 Zackees のグローブは、あなたのハンドサインをより見えやすくし、自転車が現実に走行レーンを自動車と共有している道路上で、驚くほど重要に見えるようにしてくれます。

The gloves are available directly from Zackees for $89.95 with Free Shipping in the United States. The company is also taking pre-orders for their presumable warmer winter gloves, which will retail at $99.95.

このグローブは、Zackees で直接89.95ドルで購入できます。米国では配送料は無料です。同社は冬用の暖かいグローブの事前注文も受け付けています。こちらは99.95ドル。



Helios Smart Handlebars


Interested in giving your bike a computing upgrade, and okay with removing and replacing the entire handlebar set from the frame? If your answer is yes, Helios’ handlebars come with an onboard computer system, turn signals, GPS tracking, and a powerful headlight. More importantly, Bluetooth capability enables turn-by-turn navigation, which makes sure you won’t ever need to pull your phone out in traffic to get directions.

Alas, Helios isn’t available quite yet — so this would be one of those “It’ll come soon, I promise!” IOU presents. Handlebars are available in bullhorn, drop, and straight bar configurations that can each be pre-ordered for Q1 2016 delivery for $279.00.

NiteRider Pro 3000 Rechargeable Headlight


There are very few reasons to own a bike light that can blast out a ridiculous 3000 lumen, but if you ride on unlit roads at night, there’s nothing like a light that rivals your car’s. While pricey, there’s not a single light on the market like it, and the smooth beam that it puts out will certainly help you avoid potholes and other dangerous obstacles. Available for $649.99 on Amazon

Lily Camera


The Lily Camera’s name belies the fairly cool reality of the device. It’s a camera-equipped quadcopter with a 20-minute flight time that follows you (or rather, a beacon you carry), taking video from a predetermined distance and angle. Think of the possibilities using this riding down that ridge in the hills near Palo Alto. Or, just use it to follow you around as you bike around in SoMa.

The device isn’t for sale just yet, but you can pre-order it for $819.00 on the company’s website. A bit expensive for a gift and pre-orders are always risky, but it’s too cool not to mention.

A Really Good Bike Lock


Sure, ending a gallery of smart devices with a fairly ‘dumb’ lock might be boring, but a trusty lock will be well worth the investment after all the money you’re putting into gear and gadgets for your bike. As much as we’d like a good smart bike lock to exist, it’s one of those things that we’ll just have to wait another year for. In the meantime, keep your bike locked to a physical stand (not to itself) with this trusty Kryptonite U-lock. It’s pricey, but can you put a value on the satisfaction you’ll get at frustrating those pesky bike thieves? Sold on Amazon for $159.90.